​​Italian-American Festival

Stark County

June 21-23, 2018  -  Downtown Canton, Ohio

Matthew Evans

Lake HS

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Emma Chufar

 Hoover HS

Previous Scholarship Recipients


Abbey Anderson

Louisville HS

Angela Farolino

St Thomas Aquinas HS

A total 32 Applications were received from 14 Stark County School Districts. Following a review & grading procedure, finalists were invited to an in-person interview with our Scholarship Committee. Following the interviews 4 recipients were selected. Each recipient will be awarded a $2,000.00 scholarship. With the awards presented this year, our Festival Foundation will have awarded a to- tal of $216,000.00. The award winners will be introduced and presented their checks at the Domi- nic J. Bagnoli Awards Breakfast on Thursday, June 21st at the SKYLAND PINES Banquet Hall. Scholarships are made possible thru proceeds from our Italian Festival and the support of members/organizations within our community. Breakfast Order Forms are available on page 3 of this newsletter. Join the Festivities as we applaud our 2018 Scholarship: 

Auguri e Buona Fortuna!!!

Class of 1989 Class of 1990
Leon Fraraccio - Alliance HS
Al Kozar - Central Catholic HS
Andrew Parisis - Lake HS
Helen Rizzo - McKinley HS
Anna Schiavone - Central Catholic HS
Margaret Tonielli - GlenOak HS
Mark Warner - GlenOak HS
Kerri Clark - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Christine DeAngelo (Chirillo) - GlenOak HS
Todd Hill - McKinley HS
Maria Martino - McKinley HS
Daniel Passerini - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Amy Peterson (Rinella) - The University of Akron
Lisa Rizzo - McKinley HS
Class of 1991 Class of 1992
Christopher Chiudioni - Perry HS
Christine Cleary (Privitera) - McKinley HS
Jennifer Forte - GlenOak HS
Ronald Fraraccio - Alliance HS
Bryan Kozinski (Pettiti) - Perry HS
Lori LePar - McKinley HS
Gary Peterson (Notaro) - McKinley HS
Bridget Beddell (Varnacola) - McKinley HS
Lisa Capocci - Jackson HS
Matthew Forchione - GlenOak HS
Jennifer Forte - GlenOak HS
Joseph Lamantia - McKinley HS
Frank Spicer (Pennetti) - Canton South HS
Donald Saliola - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Jennifer Venet (Venuto) - Jackson HS
Class of 1993 Class of 1994
Matt Armentano - Jackson HS
Roxanne King (Garafalo) - McKinley HS
Tennille Lemmo - McKinley HS
Angela Presutto - Louisville HS
Tara Rich (Prinzo) - Lake HS
Donald Saliola - Ohio University
David Sparks (DiGiacomo) - Perry HS
Luigi Armogida - Jackson HS
Jennifer Burns (Marcoaldi) - Louisville HS
Michelle Cusano - McKinley HS
Anthony Dorto - Perry HS
Susanne Rizzo - McKinley HS
John Spitale - GlenOak HS
Suzanne Venet (Venuto) - Jackson HS
Class of 1995 Class of 1996
Jennifer Burns (Marcoaldi) - Case Western Reserve University
Danielle Jones (Perretta) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Roxanne King (Garafalo) - Bowling Green State University
James Kutscher (Rocci) - Central Catholic HS
Tara Noggle (Venuto) - Perry HS
Angela Presutto - Grove City College
Kristi Sina - Marlington HS
Suzanne Venet (Venuto) - Mt. Union College
Timothy Capozzi - Central Catholic HS
Phillip Fultz (Favazzo) - Alliance HS
Nathan Gamber (Colucci) - Washington HS
Anthony Iarussi - Hoover HS
Amy Jo Killian (Loretto) - Jackson HS
Stephanie Pino - Perry HS
Michael Warren (Martino) - GlenOak HS
Phillip Yakunich (D'Ambrosio) - Hoover HS
Class of 1997 Class of 1998
Natalie Antonio - Perry HS
Michael Bodgan (Dasco) - Central Catholic HS
Gino Brienza - GlenOak HS
Emily Gamber (Colucci) - Washington HS
Thomas McDonald III (Coletti) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Nicole Simonetti - Central Catholic HS
Brian Varn (Perretta) - GlenOak HS
Benjamin Bailey (Saracina) - Perry HS
Rebecca Blaser (Corbi) - Alliance HS
Christine Dorto - Perry HS
Teresa Feeney (Peloso) - Alliance HS
Ellen Giordano - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Aaron Lemmo - McKinley HS
Scott Pifer (Civiello) - Perry HS
Andrea Scassa - Washington HS
Daniel Varn (Martino) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Class of 1999 Class of 2000
Pamela Latiano - Jackson HS
Matthew Patron (Ottavio) - Perry HS
Kara Ross (Caputo) - McKinley HS
Dante Simonetti - Central Catholic HS
Jodee Spera - GlenOak HS
Giancarlo Variola - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Adam Armentano - Jackson HS
Joe Bailey (Saracina) - Perry HS
Joseph Barillari - GlenOak HS
Tom Marino - Perry HS
Wendy Martino - Hoover HS
Jessica Pino - Perry HS
Class of 2001 Class of 2002
Nina Bersaglini - Sandi Valley HS
Kristina D'Orazio - Hoover HS
Maria Ferrero - Central Catholic HS
Eric Heinzer (Boccuti) - Perry HS
Tiffany Marchi - McKinley HS
Maria Martuccio - GlenOak HS
John Weaver (Santarelli) - Perry HS
Anthony Cinson (Cincione) - Minerva HS
Laura Forchione - Perry HS
Anthony Gattuso - GlenOak HS
Janette Kohmann (Sabarese) - Perry HS
Roberta Muoio - Central Catholic HS
Salvatore Russo - Fairless HS
Leigh Ann Searfoss (Gatta) - Alliance HS
Class of 2003 Class of 2004
Katie Vellucci - GlenOak HS
Andrea Ferriell (Lombardo) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Shawnelle "Ginella" Joliat - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Matthew Papatheodorou (Marulli) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Krista Cardinal (Sicurella) - Perry HS
Matthew Carona - Perry HS
Angela D'Orazio - Hoover HS
Andrea Cilona - Sandy Valley HS
Taylor Copeland (Dorto) - Perry HS
Jessica DeStephen (DeAngelis) - Fairless HS
Maggie Dreussi - GlenOak HS
Bianca Leonardi - Lake HS
Anthony Lioi - GlenOak HS
Jenna McDonald (Coletti) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Kristin Miller (Antonacci/Addessi) - Louisville HS
Steven Nightingale (Catazaro) - Minerva HS
Brett Savage (Venuto/Malatesta) - Perry HS
Class of 2005 Class of 2006
Kyle Chaney (Malatesta) - Perry HS
Angela Conant (Bruno) - Perry HS
Kendra DiPietro - Hoover HS
Alyssa Farrell (Bucci) - Fairless HS
Angelina Gingo - Lake HS
Courtney Joliat (Ginella) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Joseph Kress (Angelo) - Louisville HS
Joe Lancianese (Babbo) - Jackson HS
Kristine Sicker (Rizzardi) - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Amanda Sommers (Leschiutta) - Hoover HS
Steffany Bagnolo - Hoover HS
Maria Biasella - Central Catholic HS
Gina Caserta - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Stacey Colangelo - Central Catholic HS
Shaun McDonald - Perry HS
Class of 2007 Class of 2008
Maria Carbenia - Canton South HS
Anna DeChellis - Washington HS
Vanessa Gabriele - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Anthony Sylvester - Louisville HS
Anthony Vergis - Hoover HS
Jessica Capestrain - Hoover HS
Michael DeComo - Perry HS
Angela Forchione - St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Anthony (Rossetti) Kendle - Hoover HS
Richard Mittica - Hoover HS
Class of 2009 Class of 2010
Diana Biasella - Central Catholic HS
Drew Forchione - Perry HS
Buddy (DeChellis) Lechner - Perry HS
Nick (Malespino) Meeks - Perry HS
Kathryn Schiavone - GlenOak HS
Samuel Antonacci - Louisville HS
Nick DiGiulio - Perry HS
Sofia Pileggi - GlenOak HS
Jacob Cavalier - Louisville HS
Class of 2011 Class of 2012
Corinna Bartholomew - Lake HS
Francesco D'Orazio - GlenOak HS
Taylor Romar - Tuslaw HS
Chelsey Scarpino - Canton South HS
Emily Scarpitti - Central Catholic HS
Jessica Sette - Northwest HS
Isabella Bartholomew - Lake HS
Gregory Margida - Marlington HS
Lisa Mickley - Jackson HS
Mary Grace Modena - Lake HS
Emily Stefan - GlenOak HS
Class of 2013 Class of 2014
Ashley Capestrain - Hoover HS
Karlie DiRuzza - Jackson HS
Sam Lioi - GlenOak HS
Andrew Pileggi - GlenOak HS
Angelica Bartholomew - Lake HS
Francesca Cumo - Perry HS
Alex Dailey - Washington HS
Samantha Lechner - Perry HS
John Mickley - Jackson HS
Class of 2015 Class of 2016
Claudia Benincasa - Jackson HS
Sarah Bowe - Marlington HS
Nicholas Ginella - Central Catholic HS
Rachel Maioriello - Sandy Valley HS
Nicholas Storey - Jackson HS
Elise Bagnoli - Lake HS
Tori Fricker - Perry HS
Mikayla George - GlenOak HS
Elena Lewis - Hoover HS
Anthony Massa - Hoover HS
Courtney Storey - Jackson HS
Class of 2017
Grace DiGuillio - Perry HS
Gabrielle Olivieri - Central Catholic HS
Andrew Sedmock - St. Thomas Aquinas HS

The Stark County Italian-American Foundation was organized with the following objectives to be fulfilled:

  1. Promote an appreciation for our Italian Heritage by promoting a festival to show our customs and traditions.
  2. Establish a non-profit organization to promote scholarships for children of Italian-American heritage.

The festival was an immediate success when it first began in 1987. Within two years, the foundation established and implemented our current scholarship program. Every year, since 1989, the foundation has granted college funds to local teens of Italian-American decent. With the help of our Stark county community we have been able to award a total of $216,700 towards higher education for 177 students over the past 27 years.

We are dedicated to growing our scholarship funds so that many more of our area youth will be helped to further their education. The ongoing support of our festival throughout the community makes this possible. We are most appreciative of our many loyal patrons.